Helium Balloon DIY Kit and Smoke Machine Hire


If you’re throwing a party, you need balloons! Have you thought of helium balloons? Have you thought of a Smoke Machine? We have it covered with our DIY kit hire options from our store in Narrabeen, NSW.

DIY Helium Balloon Kits
Our helium balloon DIY kit hire comes with a range of balloons in your choice of colors (pearl, metallic, solid, or pastel), ribbons, clips, and of course, the regulator and helium gas tank. We also offer free demonstration to ensure you’ll be able to use the kit to its fullest potential. The helium balloon DIY kit is budget-friendly, too. All you have to do is call us in advance to book your kit.
Balloons Balloons only use ‘Qualatex’ brand 100% Canadian latex balloons that are 100% fully biodegradable. We do not use cheaper quality or plastic balloons in our kits.
Please click here if you would like to view our Balloon Industry Guidelines.

Booking your DIY Helium Balloon Kit
For weekend hire, kits may be returned the following Monday or Tuesday. Here are our pricing guidelines:

  • $81 for a kit with 50 balloons, metallic or rayon ribbons, clips, regulator & helium tank
  • $129 for a kit with 100 balloons, metallic or rayon ribbons, clips, regulator & helium tank
  • $285 for a kit with 300 balloons, metallic or rayon ribbons, clips, regulator & helium tank
  • POA for custom kits

Gas Tank Hire only
Gas tank for 50 balloons tank $64
Gas tank for 100 balloons $94
Gas tank for 300 balloons $190

For safety reasons, one of our qualified staff will instruct you on how to use the kit properly. Our staff will also make sure that both the tank and regulator are working correctly and that you are fully trained on how to blow up the balloons with the tank.

Carrying a helium tank and regulator in your vehicle is no joke. Hence, our friendly staff will educate you so you can make sure that the regulator is not attached to the tank when you travel; otherwise, it could cause serious damage to the regulator.

We require a $50 bond on top of the kit’s price when you come in to collect your kit. You will get this bond back as soon as you return the tank and its regulator to us in complete working order. As mentioned above, the helium tanks need to be returned within three days from the day you pick it up from our store. We highly recommend that you book the kit four days before the actual date of the event.

Smoke Machine Hire
Our fog machine will add the extra dimension to any mobile DJ setup, home party or disco lighting – with laser light shows, mirror balls and other party lighting coming out in full effect. The unit produces clouds of white fog on demand with the use of an illuminated 3m wired remote control.

Add the strawberry essence additive that provides a more desirable smell to your fog machine. Just add a few drops to the fog juice container on your fog machine, and hey presto, strawberry scented fog!

Smoke machine hire:

  • $30 hire + $24.95 for the Fog Liquid (1 litre) or $12.50 for 500mls
  • Strawberry essence additive $19.95 (optional)
  • Weekend hire or overnight hire on weekdays
    • We also hire Light Chasers & Balloon Air Inflators$25.00

    You can pick up the kit DIY kit & Smoke Machine from our store in Narrabeen, NSW, as we cannot post the helium tanks in the mail. For more information, or to book your DIY Helium Balloon Kit, call us on 02 9970 7999.