Numbers / Megaloons – Foil Balloons

30390B S Zero
30395B S One
30475B MG Two
30479B Three G
30483B MG Four
30529B SB Five
30533B SB Six
30577B M Seven
30593B M Eight
30601B M Nine

They say age is just a bunch of numbers, so you shouldn’t feel bad about getting old. However, we decided to take birthdays a notch better with the number foil balloons we have at Balloons Balloons. Now, celebrating your birthday and flashing your age in large number balloons won’t feel so bad.

Our number balloons come in five colors – silver, gold, metallic blue, metallic pink and now black. These balloons are 86cm tall. There truly is no better way to celebrate your life milestones with this unique number foil balloons. You can even incorporate these with the other balloon choices from our store.