Baby – Foil Balloons

86888-86890B F&B Yes Im A Girl
91296-91297B F&B It's A Girl Soft
91750-99576B F&B Swt Smil Face PB
12142-12170B F&B HM WLSS
19140-19143B F BSBB
25324-2526B FB WBYD
28827-28830B FB IABCB
32945@ F&B It's A Girl Soft
35310-35312B F&B WBBS
36456-36458B F&B PMCG
81022-81835B F&B HM BBS

A new life is best greeted with cute baby foil balloons. This type of foil balloons can come in different shapes – round, heart, diamond, and bear-shaped. The balloons are also available in a variety of designs and colors. More specifically, they are made in such a way that cute characters can be seen on them.

They are also designed to match the baby’s gender, so it becomes easier to choose which ones are appropriate. At best, you can order these baby balloons from us, at Balloons Balloons, with just a click of a mouse. You could also visit our store or call us if you want to see our plethora of designs that you would definitely fall for.