Car Bows

A car is already a splendid gift as it is. Nevertheless, if you really want your car gift to make a strong impact, make sure to enhance it with an impressive Car Bow!

As Australia’s one-stop party shop, we, at Balloons Balloons, can provide you with affordable customized, hand -made giant car bows and ribbons in three sizes. These bows are ideal for cars or other large gifts. These bows are excellent for any large gifts as the perfect solution to wrapping up any extra large present.

Since a car is too large to be wrapped in fancy gift-wrapping paper, dress it up with a car bow or two. Car bows may be placed on the hood or the roof of the car so these instantly draw the eyes and capture the attention of the recipient.

Our mantra at Balloons Balloons is to make special occasions even more special. That’s why we have everything you need to make your gift giving extra special. Explore your creativity by placing multiple car bows of varying sizes on the car, too. There are countless possibilities to make an already fantastic gift even more special.