Double Bubbles Balloons

27569B F&B MM
29486B F DB BBB
29488B F DB BPB
29489B W&IFH DB
68804@ F DB BTS
68805@ F DB BF
68806@ F DB LF
68808@ F DB LFH
68809@ F DB STF
68810@ F DB BC
84127@ F DB JD
15612@ DB B&H
15616@ DB S&S
27568B F&B MM

Here at Balloons Balloons, we offer a wide-ranging inventory of double bubbles – bubble balloons made of unique stretchy plastic. Our double bubbles come packaged with a moisture pack to prevent the balloons from drying out. While these balloons have the same elasticity as latex balloons, these look more like beach balls once inflated.

Double bubbles have self-sealing valves. You would see a specially shaped balloon right inside the larger bubble, and it can come with or without pre-attached ribbon. Ask one of our staff for help in creating colorful centerpieces using double bubbles, latex balloons, ribbons, and other cute elements for special occasions like birthdays or baby showers.